Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Rocky After School

My son has just discovered Pop Rocks and we spent the afternoon at the playground with me teaching him how to make em pop.  He got curious seeing the lollipop and the "rocks" inside the packet.  "What do we do now, mama?" he asked. "Wait...."  I tipped the packet and let the rocks slide into my my mouth. "Listen..."  And he heard them fizzle and pop so I opened my mouth for him to hear clearly.

The look on my four year old son's face was priceless!  Amazement, confusion, curiosity and a bit of worry and fear.  All these mixed into one.  On such a small face.  These moments are unforgettable.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

A Sweet Afternoon

Three days back, I spent the afternoon shopping for candy. Well, not exactly. More like I spent the afternoon surrounding myself with candies, chocolates, biscuits and a whole lot of sweet stuff.  And I was with my four year old son.

It all started when we were getting ready for school and my son started crying. Hmmmm.... not a good start. It's one of his off days where he would cry and whine about going to school. Or not going to school. So I made him a deal.  Go to school and after I pick him up we can go get his Pop Rocks. His newly discovered candy. And he can pick the flavor, too! That seemed like a very good idea to him and he was happy to oblige.

Little did my son know I, too, was excited! This was my second trip to the candy store this week. The first one was early this week when he asked me what Pop Rocks were.  And I had to buy to buy him one. Should I post the first visit here though? Or should i make another blog for that?  Nahhh... Just this afternoons's pictures.

Imagine being surrounded by aisles of candy! Chocolates! And all things that I was always told to eat in moderation.  I don't know what draws me in on these kinds of stores.  Apart from being surrounded by them, I also like to look at  the different wrappers.  The designs, the colors, the materials... It's like being a kid again! Lost in this world of sweetness... and toothaches! But without the heartaches.  The rhyme is not on purpose but sounds good, right?  I can't make up my mind what to buy! My son had already zoomed in on his Pop Rocks the moment we got in side. He was already shoving me to the counter to pay for his treat.  But me? I was lost. And confused.  So many choices.  Well, I wasn't exactly craving to eat all the stuff, I was more than happy to hold them and read the labels and study the drawings and designs. And the colors! Lots and lots of colors!

My son was caught in my craze and left his pop rocks and chose another instead.  Trying his options. 

I wasn't able to get good pictures while inside the store since I used my phone's camera.  I was really excited to examine the candies.  Hahaha!  Sounds psycho to me.  So, here they are, my pictures.  The next time I go there, I would have to exercise self control and try to get good pictures.  Enjoy! I hope you had a great afternoon like I had.

And it all started with the search for this...

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I'm such in the mood for smoothies these days that different ingredients are running through my mind often.  What came to me first  were strawberries. And yogurt.... yummmm! I think strawberries are often what comes to mind first when you think of smoothies. Different variations but all very delicious! And so I made mine.

I used about a cup strawberries. Hulled and sliced. And two cups yogurt. A little squirt of honey to sweeten. Oh and also about hmmm... I dunno... about 10 to 12 ice cubes. Then, blend... blend... pulse a bit. And some more till you get the consistency that you desire. The smoother, the better. that's me. So after my smoothie was done, I popped it into the freezer for about 10 minutes. I did not exactly time it. It's to make it a bit more... hmmm... what's the word... freezie! If that's  even a word. Haha! That's how to describe this smoothie best though. After  you've put it in the freezer, it's gonna be a freezie smoothie!

So that gave me some time to look for a tall cup. And my straw. A pink one at that! And so... et voila!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

First School Outing

August 04, 2010. My 4 year old son's first school field trip and i feel more anxious than he does. He is growing so fast. Too soon!

And I was left with an empty playground...